I have written two books, both published by New Holland. Sicilian Seafood Cooking, November 2011 and Small Fishy Bites, October 2013.

Sicilian Seafood Cooking, is a collection of 120 traditional recipes for seafood and its accompaniments —including a great variety of first- and second-course dishes, food for feasts, special sauces and vegetables, featuring a section devoted to caponata. Within 383 pages there are inspiring photos of the dishes and of Sicily.

Recipe from Sicilian Seafood Cooking...
Pisci che’ patati‘ nfurnatu

Small Fishy Bites has 100 recipes on 208 pages and picks up on the tapas trend showcasing simple casual, dishes, that are perfect to share with friends and family or for entertaining. The book celebrates the diversity and versatility of seafood. It is flavoured with the culinary influences of Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and Asian food in Australia.

Recipe from Small Fishy Bites...
Octopus Salad with Middle Eastern Flavours

Both books are available in selected bookshops, department stores and on line.